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Welcome To D&D Global Ventures

Please ensure you carefully understand this warning page before you take further action.

  1. Read and understand the specification of the watch.
  2. Ensure you really want to order the product.
  3. Ensure that your money is readily available.
  4. Ensure that you will be available at your given delivery address within those specified period of days to receive the item.
  5. Delivery within Lagos and Ibadan take 1-2 working days WHILE Delivery to other States take 3-6 working days.
  6. If you will not be available to receive the item directly,ensure you make an arrangement for someone to receive it on your behalf.
  7. Free Delivery only to state Capital.
  8. Payment on delivery option
  9.    If you are sure you understood t terms and condition and you are ready to comply, then you can take action
PLEASE NOTE: Ensure you are satisfy with this WATCH and ready to pay when it arrives your location before you finally submit your order.Thank You!

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